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How to safely wash and dry your car, reducing the risk of inducing wash marks or nasty swirls.

Important before starting:

Always try to wash your car undercover or in the shade, making sure your car is cool before is preffered. Tap water contains minerals which will mark your paint and glass if allowed to dry in the sun.



Pre Rinse your vehicle from the top to botttom to clean off as much dirt as possible before hand washing.  This first step is key and will reduce the chances of inducing any swirls marks and fine scratches when washing.


*If your car is Protected with Opti-Coat  or some sort of Protection, water will easily sheet off and bead.


Washing your car with the 2 Bucket method and a pH neutral shampoo.  

Fill one bucket with 2 cap fulls of shampoo and the 2nd bucket with just water.  Use a microfibre soft mitt or waffle sponge, cleaning your mitt or sponge in the 2nd bucket after each panel.  This will rinse any dirt from the mitt, reducing the chances of inflicting any swirl marks.



Use a Waffle Weave mirofibre towel or quality microfibre cloth to dry each panel from top to bottom.



To finish off you can use a Quick Detailer / Gloss Enhancer to remove any water spotting. Use a soft microfibre cloth and spray each panel and lightly wipe off for spot free finish.

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  • Always start from the top of the car and work your way down, leaving the lower parts of doors and rear bumper till last.

  • Never use the same microfibre mitt that you wash your paint with to clean your wheels. A suitable wheel brush should be used.

  • Never scrub a tough mark,bug stain or bird dropping on your paint, this will cause scratching.  Leave your soaked wash mitt over the mark for a few minutes to loosen the contaminants.

  • Never let any product dry on your vehicles paint, unless it says so on the instructions.

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