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Do I need Paint Protection for my car?....and  what are the benefits?.....

Wax....Sealant....or Ceramic Coating?

Quality paint protection in Brisbane & Gold Coast is something that every car owner and especially new car buyers should have to protect their investment. Unfortunately the paint protection options offered by car dealerships over the years has steered most new car buyers away from such products, due to ridiculous over pricing and product failure leading to customer disappoinment and an overall bad stigma around Paint Protection.


Paint is used to make your car look good and different than other vehicles, it's a personal choice for most car owners, but most importantly it protects the metal your vehicle is made of, without paint your car would rust away.  But what protects your paint?...well nothing unless you apply something on top of it.  A vehicles paint requires protection no matter what, whether you drive it every day to work or if you only drive it on the weekend.


Customer Reviews Online are a great start as well are Chemical testing reports by independent companies.  Most professional detailers will be a wealth of knowledge when it comes to protecting your paint as most use a range of products on a regular basis.  These are some of the best ways to help you make an informed decision.  


Choosing the right paint protection solution depends on what benefits and features you require.  Wax is a good old favourite and has come along way with some new synthetic technology which offer greater longevity & protection. Waxing your car is great if you only drive your car on the odd occasion or keep it garaged and out of the sun most of the time and away from bird droppings and tree sap.  However wax is mainly a UV protectant and gloss enhancer with very minimal Chemical protection and will not protect against common enemies like bird droppings.  Tests show that wax usually measures around .002 in coating thickness, compared to many other paint protection coatings this is very thin and won’t last more than a few months and requires re application frequently.


A quality Paint Sealant is your next option, these provide more protection than a wax and will provide a nice long lasting gloss to your vehicles paint.  A synthetic paint sealant will provide you with more protection against UV Damage and chemicals as most are a two part process which provides you with 6-12 months protection and some Nano Sealants even Longer.  Paint sealants will provide your car with a thin layer of protection, it has better chemical resistance than wax, but much like wax it is susceptible to enviromental hazards such as bird droppings and tree sap.  Some will provide resistance to theses environmental impacts, however damage to the paint is very common if these contaminanats are not removed asap.  A quality paint sealant will provide your cars paint with a decent amount of protection and can last in excess of 12 months or more with regular maintenance.


Without regular application of a wax or sealant your factory clear coat will deteriorate rapidly due to UV and other environmental impacts.  Don’t be fooled by car dealership offered paint protection products that are Insuperior and terribly over priced, these are most commonly found to be only a sealant.  Dealer Paint protection is a waste of money, however quality protection applied by a professional detailer is not.  Being protected with a ceramic coating like Opti-Coat Pro+,  your cars paint will be permanently protected from oxidation, damage from bird droppings, tree sap, bug splatter or UV damage.  Opti-Coat Pro+ has better chemical, scratch & marring resistance and release properties than any other automotive paint protection coating in use.  The coating measures approximately 2 microns in thickness, which is 100 times thicker than wax, meaning your paint is sealed and permenantly protected beneath.  It provides permanent protection for all modern factory paints and can also be used to protect metal and hard plastic surfaces.  Not only does opti-coat pro offer superior paint protection but also boasts an amazing added gloss that always impresses.

Even better Opti-Coat Pro won’t wash away or delaminate over time, it is applied once and that’s it, no reapplication needed, no more waxing or sealants.  Just a regular wash will keep your car looking like new,  no special washing solutions are needed.  Even washing your car will be easy with opti-coats hydrophobic characteristics your car will stay cleaner longer.  


Overall no matter which paint protection you use, your cars paint will benefit from it, its just a choice of quality and how much protection you require or need. Leaving your cars paint unprotected will leave it vunerable to all sorts of environmental impacts, rapidly reducing its life span.  Don’t be fooled into thinking your cars paint doesnt need any sort of protection, that is unless its never driven or parked outside.  At superfresh detailing brisbane we regulary see the effects of vehicles with no form of paint protection, oxidation and Bird dropping damage are the most common.  Repairing this damage can be costly to the owner and sometimes the damage is permanent resulting in a respray of a panel.

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